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WX-C Series Commercial Quality LED Grow Lights


The First Water-Resistant LED Grow Light on the Market!

The Recommended 150 Watt LED Commercial Quality Grow Light, Durable and Penetrating. Excellent for Greenhouse & Indoor Supplementation and RED/BLUE Spectrum Boosting.

High Output Commercial Quality WX Series LED Grow Lighting is very powerful supplement and can enhance production of compact plants with large blooms.  The powerful WX-C150W Rectangular Series can be mounted high in the growing environment and still achieve deep penetration.

A 90 degree beam width provides a deeper, more focused penetration with less coverage area than @ 120 degrees.

Features and Benefits:

  • LED Grow Lighting: is newest technology in plant growth;
  • Reduced energy costs reduce greenhouse gasses, made without mercury.
  • Built-in switching mode power, no need outside ballast or driver, convenient to use
  • Easy to install and use, plug into the electric outlet(120/230Vac) directly
  • About 90% light of LED can be absorbed by plant, but only 10% light of HPS or MH absorbed
  • Less heat, Reduce grow room temperature 10~15F compared to HPS or MH light
  • Height above plants: 1~3ft. At 2ft the intensity on the canopy is 5 times greater than at 8ft.
  • Lifetime Estimate: 50,000 hours
  • Promotes plant growth, budding, and flowering
  • Replace 600W to 750W HPS/MH grow light
  • Saves 50-70% more on energy compared to HPS or MH light
  • Easy to install and use, plugs directly into an (120 to 240V) electrical outlet
  • Replaces 600W-600W HPS and MH grow lights (as per manufacturer)


  • The first water resistant LED grow light in the market.
  • Voltage 110 to 240
  • Light power 150W
  • Power of single diode is 3W
  • 3 year warranty
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