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Daylight Intregals

Research and Other Documents Relevant to Grow Lighting and Horticulture.


To better understand the needs of plants, it is helpful to visit scientific research documents, and other useful bits of knowledge.

Pursuit of knowledge can lead to new techniques and products.

Products properly informed by Scientific principals will display superior performance.

Techniques can be employed to improve horticultural productivity, improve the smell, taste and color of foods and ornamental crops , increased yields and the overall health and quality. Implementation can be useful in the Greenhouse, Outdoors and in the Greenhouse.

The Goods!
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Daylight Integrals:

  • FIRST Research ReportLight Management in GreenhousesDaily Light Integral: A useful tool for the U.S. Floriculture industry.James E. Faust
  • Improved Strategy for a Constant Daily Light Integral in Greenhouses, by Ido Seginer; Louis D. Albright; Ilya Ioslovich.
  • Modeling the Effects of Temperature and Photosynthetic Daily Light Integral on Growth and Flowering of Salvia splendens and Tagetes Patula. Lee Ann Moccaldi, and Erik S. Runkle.

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