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The Flower-Initiator & Booster - 20 Watt FAR RED Indoor Outdoor Grow Light

  • Solid housing, water resistant, great for use Indoors, In the Greenhouse and outdoors. This image is of the 10 Watt Model, a new image will be posted shortly.
  • Outdoor use.
  • Side view.
  • Full frontal.
  • Attachment bracket and heat sinking fins.
  • Much of the light produced by this lamp is not visible to the human eye.
  • Another POV of the lamp lit in the dark.
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Product Description

No longer available, replaced by the New Slim 50 Watt Flower Initiator! Click Here to go to the new lamp.

Nothing tricks Mother Nature like the Flower Initiator.

How to:  Accelerate Flower and Fruit Production with short day plants?

Use: The Flower-Initiator & Bud Booster Far RED Lamp, it's like having a 26 hour day. Flower at 13 hours with lights on and 11 hours off, it's like 13 on and 13 off, for urgent flower growth and more daily umoles for bigger yields and improved quality. 

Growers say this is a positive "Freak of Nature", providing "More of everything"!

See more Reviews.  Posted by Stephen Brewer on 16th Jan 2016              

 "No grow room, or greenhouse should be without the Flower Initiator. Me myself could never imagine my life without one. Before this product, it would take anywhere from 10-15 days, to find the sex of my plants, now in only 4-5 days, all plants are indicating so I'm able to remove the males, and give the ladies more room to spread out. After one week of bloom I see buds that look as though they were over 2 weeks old. As far as yields, OMG the extra 1-2 ounces of bud, is really amazing. I have also noticed a Hell of lot more resin , the same frosty hybrids that I have grown before, are so much more frosty, that it looks like it snowed on em. I would highly recommend this product 100% , and think it deserves a much higher rating than 5 stars. Thank you William Boune, and GrowLightSource.com, you're the best!"


20 Watts covers an 8' X 8' area at 4' above the canopy, 16' X 16' at 7.5' above the canopy.

The Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow Lights.

Short Day Plants are those that flower as the days length decreases in length, as in the late summer, fall or winter. The flowering process is actually controlled by the length of the night. With proper use of the Flower Initiator your plants will respond as if the night as if it is two hours longer than it actually is, Flowers then develop faster, with the urgency of being in a longer dark period.

Far RED LED Light:

Triggers the Phytochrome Pfr/Pr state to change or switch, Pfr is the "Waking or Active State" and Pr the "Sleeping or Resting State". Far RED light causes a switch from Pfr to Pr rapidly. Your plants go to "Sleep" in moments, rather than in the normal two hours in nature, outdoors or indoors. This rapid state switch will provide for more rapid, accelerated, Flower development.


Use the Flower-Initiator during the entire Flower/Fruit Phase. Use with a separate timer, set to come at "lights out" and allow it to run for at least a total of 5 minutes. Start your flowers at 11/13 hours to get even bigger yields and higher quality. After flowering initiates one can use a 12, 13, or even a 14 hour lit period.  Reduce the day lit hours to 11/13 again during the final flower/fruit development for a better "the end of long Indian Summer" type fully mature finish.


Without light deprivation shading. Get your Short Day crop in earlier! Use the an online service to determine the Sunset and Sunrise for your location, ideally, a few days before your night reaches 10 hours in length, begin using the Flower Initiator. Set your timer to turn the light on about 5 minutes prior to the indicated Sunset, set it to shut the light off about 5 minutes after total dark, perhaps a total period of 30-45 minutes, as your sense of lighting suggests, and over time as your experience dictates for your location. You might want to adjust the timer to decrease the night's length to the optimum for flower development, for your specie, then lengthening the night further to fully finish flowers, if needed. This has been tested and proven accurate to push forward outdoor flowering forward at least one month.

As the days shorten, readjust your timer settings to comply with your local Sunset, or keep it fixed at the current length if you like the productivity.

With light deprivation shading. Use of light deprivation shading provides even greater control, and may initiate flowering with greater precision. One can determine when is the best time to initiate, not having to wait until the night becomes 10 hours in length. You will not need to start the light in advance of when you close your shades, just for 5 minutes after full darkness is achieved. Essentially follow the same methods as described above, or in the indoors description. with the shading adjustments stated here.

This year a test will be done to determine if this is applicable two months in advance. This will be achieved by employing flood lamps under the plants to extend the lit period to 16 hours, then when after summer solstice turning off the flood lamps and beginning use of the Flower Initiator. 


Use the same suggestions as for outdoors during summer to fall to get your Short Day crop in a month or more earlier. Use your greenhouse to generate multiple crops during the year, with the addition of supplemental lighting, light deprivation shading and the Flower Initiator, your lit periods can be extended 2 hours longer than is normally required for your plant specie and latitude. Plants that exhibit sex, will began to show their sex sooner. With this approach your plants will initially receive 2 hours more light with higher final yields. As the days shorten, readjust your timer settings to comply with your local Sunset, or keep it fixed at the current length if you like the productivity. Use the above outdoor instructions.

Long Day Plants: The Flower Initiator can be used alone, but, generally in conjunction with other lighting to extend the day to bring on flowering earlier than normal for the latitude, resulting in an earlier fruit harvest. The Flower Initiator can be used to prevent Long Day Plants from flowering as well.

In All Environments: Indoors, in the Greenhouse and Outdoors enabling flowering and fruit to form under longer light periods can result in higher yields, with increased carbohydrate production resulting improvements in yield and quality. A added benefit will be avoidance of many of the pests  and required treatments, associated with negative conditions produced during wet weather. In all scenarios the dark period must be a minimum of 10 hours in length for the Flower Initiator to bring the flowers on.

The Flower-Initiator is a proven and tested device.


  • IP65 Water Resistant Flood Lamp
  • Beam width,160 degrees
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • 17-19 Watts.
  • 120/240 VAC, self adjusting, just match your plug, outlet or adapter to your supplied voltage.


  • Wavelength:  Far RED 730nm Super LEDs
  • 20 Watts or .15 Amps @ 120VAC.
  • 16' X 16' at 7.5' above the canopy.
Product Dimensions:
  • Width 5.4", 135 mm
  • Height 4", 100 mm
  • Length 7.3", 185 mm
  • Weight 2.8 lbs.
Sunset and Sunrise for your location
Contact: Consultants, Installers Retailers, let's work together.
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