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Or.. What some nice people have said!

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"I have had time to decide, I love the lights and the light bill. Thank you for guiding me and helping with the purchase. I will be ordering again in the next few months. I am also interested in information on the Deep Red Bud booster light you have listed on your webpage. I believe induction is the way to grow.... Thanks Again.


 "William is the growers most 'enlightened' advanced technology lighting resource. He earns the title 'Beacon Bill,' with his insights into new systems that I call 'best-of-class, best-of-breed. Most important, he understands that his customers are in the 'results business' and require exemplary service and product support. I've since purchased multiple, larger lights consistently attaining excellent productivity increases, two weeks quicker to harvest, and energy cost-efficiency. I intend to add his newest Lights without question." --FA in WA.



Posted 12th Mar 2013

I replaced 6 - 1000w HID with 4 Pro420PAR Induction Grow lights. I can now keep my environment at 78 degrees, exhaust my air less and add CO2. Using the Pro420PAR, WX-C Series LED and the Flower Initiator I had the best harvest I ever had. I'm so pleased Bill took the time to explain all elements of his lights and how they work together to make the harvest the very best.

Thanks again Bill for great customer service, product guarantee and prompt shipping.


I started seeds six weeks ago under the Inda-Gro. They are 2 1/2 feet tall and ready to be changed to the new light cycle soon. As a first timer (with Induction Lighting) I am glad I did my research on (these) lights to be able to save on my electric bill, get a great crop, and show these men up that say it's a man's world. LOL. Kicking butt of the 1000w HM and HPS all the way around. It doesn't get any better than this. Thank you for answering all my questions with this purchase and my electric setup. (She used 1 Pro 400 Series Inda-Gro with 320Watts of Blue Booster LED grow lighting, the grow room is 8 x 10.)




Posted 12th Mar 2013

E-Effect Deep Red Booster 50 Watt -
I added this product to my 4 Inda-Gro induction lights to give a nice red spectrum to the mix. Unbelievable how much better and happier my girls became with this addition.

Customer service, knowledge and caring makes this company the best I have worked with.




Posted Mar 2013

Flower Initiator -
Once I understood Photochrom process I was sold on this product. The first day this light was used I went into the garden and thought my plants had died. They didn't die, they just went so deep into sleep they looked dead. When they woke up they were just as firm and happy. Simply amazed me that this like, using it only for 5 minutes, would have such an impact. BTW, using this light allows you to use a 14/10 light cycle from the beginning to 3/4 flower than I dialed my cycle to 12/12 for the final 2 weeks.

Thanks Bill for your knowledge and willingness to explain the process.


Very Happy! 

Inda-Gro Pro420 PAR -
I am very happy with my results since a friend is growing under a 1000w HM and we started our seeds at the same time, same organic nuts, and same strains. He started under T5 and about 8 inches tall changed to the 1000w, his electric bill is crazy, and my plants have full green leaves, about 8 inches taller and little bushes. I am happy to have something to compare my grow to and rub it in his nose. LOL. I am trying to decide if I need 2 or 3 more lights and what I wanted. I guess I know, I want your new light when I am ready. Thanks for all you do for me. I tell everyone about you and give them your page." -- LK in CO.

Simple and Effective 

Posted 20th Aug 2013

My Inda-Grow Light was easy to set up, and it works great. It puts out far less heat than my HPS light did, and the quality and quantity of the light are great. I can put the light a few inches above the canopy without the risk of burning foliage, and that helps the light penetrate further down the plants. I'm thinking about adding a second one to the grow room--if only the price was lower--these things are expensive!

Seller's Note: "I provide discounts to return customers on many products."


Works real nice and helps with production 

Posted 18th Jun 2014

I bought the Inda-Gro lights 2 1/2 yrs ago, about 1 1/2 yrs ago Bill email me and asked how the Indago light was working, he asked if I gave any thought to a flower initiator, I wrote back saying with my hanging lights, it be hard to use. Well, as luck happens, trying different feminized seeds for the last 2 years, my last try was bad, the strain doesn't produce cola's and if you cut fan leafs, almost no production. So since I had some clones going and wanted to get some production, I remembered what Bill told me about the Flower Initiator, so I thought, what the heck, I need production, so let's try one. I did, it came at the start of the third wk of flowering, went with 13/11, then 11/13 for the sixth week and brought in the crop in the 7th week. I had a increase in production with a crappy strain that doesn't produce cola's, to be frank, it saved my butt. I ordered another one about 3 weeks ago, plan on rotating them or will get a third one. The only down side, is with the Indago, since this light can be close to the plants, I have to move it out of the way every night and back every morning, am not sure how to solve the problem, but hope to come up with something, because no way am I ever going back to growing without a flower initiator.

Note from Bill: Place your Flower Initiators under the plants, on the ground/floor or on top of a small box if you want them closer, the customer using these for the longest time came up with this simple solution.

Others place the lamps on the sidewall just below their primary light source.


Fast Flowers 

Posted 15th Oct 2013

Hi Bill,
The (Flower) Initiator worked wonders and i brought in 14 days early.
i need the blue blaster to identify which is which.
Hope your spring is busy


Superior to LED or HPS for Flowering 

Posted 12th Feb 2014

I bought the 420 watt Inda-Gro almost a year ago, and it's been working great. There's no need for cooling, and it gives strong, consistent illumination with just the right spectrum. I'm considering getting another one--I just wish they didn't cost so much. I'd have bought 2 if they were 2/3 the price. 
SELLER NOTE: I do give discounts to return customers, just contact me!


Great addition to my garden! 

Posted by Jim on 8th Aug 2013

I use mine (Flower (Initiator) for 10 minutes at lights out with my light cycle at 12/12 for the first week then at 13+ hours of light for most of flower then back to 12/12 for the last 2 weeks and get great results.


Best Light for growing 

Posted by Unknown on 18th Jun 2014

bought mine (Inda-Gro) 2 1/2 years ago, will buy more to replace hps lights, I first wanted to convert all grow areas to 5x5 vinyl rails. Have a HPS besides the Indago, I can definitely see the difference, but have a well known strain in now and it stretches the same whether it's HPS or the indigo.(could be the feminized seeds, going back to regular and using a clone machine) (see Flower Initiator review).

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