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Inda-Gro Induction Greenhouse Grow Lights

How to get higher sustainable yields and improved quality, while saving energy, with Inda-Gro Induction Grow Lights:

Inda-Gro grow lights provide your plants the best horticultural lighting for explosive growth and high yields from a single lamp source, for the entire Growth through Flower & Fruit cycles, while saving energy consumed compared to traditional grow lamps. Beginning with the proven efficiencies of low wattage and high output EFDL technology.


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Inda-Gro lamps provides a custom blend of rare earth phosphors to supply the proper spectrum for overall plant lighting needs.

Add either a Pfr Pontoon, with Inda-Gro, or with HID add a Flower Initiator and a Red Booster to take flowering to the next level.

A great effort has been made to provide different ways for Determining Lamp Output as to PAR. The observations made in the linked document apply to all Inda-Gro lamps and is related to many other common indoor grow light sources.

Since no lamp technology is 100% efficient in turning electrical energy into light we have to take these conversion efficiencies into account. As such we publish our lamps values after applying the conversion efficiencies in the three plant absorbance regions as a Watts/Region value:

  1. Lumens, Lumens/Watt, Lux or Foot Candles 
  2. Kelvin
  3. μMole
Even with the highest intensity and efficiency all broad spectrum lamps gradually fall off in output above 630nm. The solution? 
Temperature Information: The Inda-Gro driver housing will run in the 46C (114.8F) range while the surface of the lamp will run in the 93C (199.4F) range. Compared to an HID lamp that runs @ 482C (899F), our lamps run substantially cooler than comparable HID grow lamp.

In the answer section on his Video, Spliff says, "this tent actually stayed very cool... day/night temps were targeted at 68F/75F and it took about 5 hours from lights on for the temp to rise to the day target."

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