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DEEP RED Bud Booster - Enhance Development

How do DEEP RED Boosters boost flower and fruit production when used with Broad Spectrum grow lights and Induction grow lights, outdoors or in the greenhouse? Making denser buds with more color and flavor?

Use Our DEEP RED Boosters. These specialized grow lights supply the missing Deep Red light needed to stimulate essential flowering chemical trigger points for rapid development. They wake your plants up in the morning so they surge with growth.

DEEP RED Booster Special Spectrum

These DEEP RED Booster Grow Lights compliment CFL, HID grow lights, Plasma grow lights and Induction grow lights.

Grow Lights have a tendency to drop off in Spectrum production above 630nm, missing critical Flowering Chlorophyll trigger points.

DEEP RED Bud Booster LED grow lights fulfill the needs of Flowering Chlorophyll stimulation points.

The 660nm wavelength triggers a rapid switch to the Daylight Phytochrome state at "sun up" launching the plants into immediate development.

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