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Planned Obsolescence?


Planned Obsolescence:
The Path to Hell on Earth is Paved with un-needed Waste.

Planned obsolescence is a common corporate practice when designing modern products. There is even a article, on Wikipedia, of an international organization, The Phoebus Cartel, the aim is to continue the application of planned obsolescence as organized way of doing business.

This business and website makes every attempt to provide proven products, ones that are built to last, that are built with purpose, ones that will serve your needs, that use energy more efficiently, and serve them well for many years to come.  The best effort is made to supply products that will add the least to energy consumption pollution and to toxins in the landfills when these products to eventually fail.

  • Discrete Spectra Lamps: Micro-Lighting produces accelerated chlorophyll production and higher yields, with little added energy. Efficient, long life, Indoors, in the Greenhouse, and Outdoor


The Right Path: A sustained effort to replace energy gulping products, coupled to sustainable, renewable, low pollutant energy sources, replacing deplete-able product resources with renewables (like hemp), and reforesting the planet. The path back to Eden!

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