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Inda-Gro - Advantages


Articles by: William Boune

This is a very green technology, with only a tiny solid amalgam of mercury, in a little bump on the side of the tube, to excite the electrons for starting the plasma reaction, unlike the more generous mercury inside fluorescent tubes.

  • With Inda-Gro Lights: A 10 Year or 60,000 hours, whichever comes first, Warranty. 60,000 hours equals an average of 14 hours per day over 10 years.
  • One light for the entire Clone through Bud cycles.
  • 55-70% energy savings, when mover and air conditioning savings are accounted for.
  • EFDL Produces an extremely effective broad and continuous spectrum suitable for grow lighting.
  • Light efficiency per watt is many fold of that of LED grow lighting.
  • The price is lower compared to LED or better than that of the same wattage.
  • The lifespan is extended, the light spectrum is more stable and light decay is decreased, twice that of LED lamps and 10x HPS.
  • Lower Temperatures: There are no cooling fans, no noise. Lower temperature operation can save high cost of air-conditioner, and has less risk of being found by a remote heat detector. The lower temperature makes for a reduced fire hazard both from heat and circuit overload. Always use correctly sized cords, wires and circuit breakers suiting your local building codes and the requirements of your lighting, and entire system.

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