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Articles by: William Boune
How Inda-Gro EFDL Grow Lights Grow Great and Save Energy.

Provide your plants the best horticultural lighting for explosive growth and high yields from a single lamp source, for the entire Veg through Flowering/Fruit cycles, while saving up to 70% of the energy consumed by traditional lamp technologies. 

Beginning with the proven efficiencies of low wattage and high output EFDL technology, Inda-Gro lamps combine a blend of unique rare earth phosphors to supply the proper spectrum for overall plant lighting needs.

Why is the proper grow light so important to my plants success?

Plant Growth and development are significantly influenced be both the quantity and quality of the light received, converted, through a process known as PHOTOSYNTHESIS, into energy which the plant requires to successfully mature. Proper indoor grow light, with a sun light spectrum, can also mitigate disease pressures that are often seen with plants grown outdoors. These plants are naturally affected by the number of cloudy days versus sunny days, humidity and leaf wetness. Lack of solar radiation may subject the plants to disease that the indoor grower can better control.

First introduced and patented in 1891 by Nikola Tesla, induction lamps, while expensive, were always prized for their High Lumens per watt, Low Operating Temperatures, Crisp Color, Long Lamp Life and Low Lumen Depreciation over their entire life. Inda-Gro EFDL Dual-Band-Spectrum lamps have affordably combined the proven benefits of this technology thereby supplying unique spectral requirements that are so essential for robust plant development.

Benefits of Inda-Gro Induction Grow Lights:

  • Saves up to 70% in electrical loads.
  • Emits 95% PAR usable light.
  • Excellent canopy penetration.
  • Faster rooting of clones and seedlings
  • Long life lamps and drivers.
  • *60,000 hour 10 year warranty.
  • Highest lumens per watt of any lamp manufactured.
  • Single lamp for vegetative through flowering stages.
  • Low operating temperatures require no added ventilation.
  • Fewer plant diseases related to higher temperature lamps.
  • UL Listed, CLU Listed (Canada)
  • Fully assembled, tested & wired to plug in to a standard 120 volt outlet.
  • Four Pro 400 Series will run on a single dedicated 120 volt 20 amp circuit. A built-in pre-conditioner (+/- 20v) for a stable internal supply voltage.
  •  220VAC, or 277VAC and NEMA cord end options, please let me know.
  • 30 day return policy less shipping and handling
  • World wide next day shipping of all stock items, once your fund transfer is verified.

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