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Mother Nature Talked, We Listened!


Articles by: William Boune
New Ideas and Products are how we do our part!

Try as we might, humans have not found a way to beat Mother Nature when it comes to economically recreating the wide spectrum and intensity of sunlight.

However, when we must grow plants Indoors or in the Greenhouse we can adjust our lit growing environments to mimic the optimum conditions found in nature, with lower energy levels. Creating conditions that economically deliver High Quality, High Yields and Repeatable Crop Production.

The Problem: A typical Indoor flowering light schedule, for short day plants, may be set 12/12 hour lit and unlit periods. When the lights go out, the plants are thrust into total darkness, once in darkness plants require two hours to relax into the resting state, or the Phytochrome Pfr State (initiated slowly by very weak FAR RED Light). This is a terribly inefficient use of our garden's time and space.

TheSolution: Combining the Stabile Spectrum, Energy Efficiencies, Low Heat and Long Life benefits of of both our, better than PAR, Custom Induction Phosphor Blend with specific LED Spectra, we now provide the Indoor Garden with Spectrum and controls that are found in ideal outdoor environments. Hybridizing these two leading edge technologies we provide your garden the Ideal Flowering Spectrums of Dawn, Dusk and Midday, combined with rapid Dark state Phytochrome relaxation.

Why Bring Sunset Indoors? In optimum outdoor flowering conditions the sun paints the midday sky a bright Blue, particularly in Summer. In the Fall and as the Sun begins to set the Blue is enhanced by increasing levels of RED to DEEP RED. The DEEP RED is essential to Phytochrome switching to it's ACTIVE daytime state, and is required at Dawn, beneficial all day and at Dusk. RED Boosting!

In nature after sunset, in Full darkness, a very, very faint FAR RED spectra exists, this faint light causes the Phytochrome to switch to the relaxed state over a period of two hours. Our much stronger FAR RED Light source triggers this state to switch in 5 minutes or less, effectively adding two hours to the night, a 10 hour night is reacted to as if it were a 12 hour night. The is the Flower Initiator Effect!

How it Works at Lights On: The Pfr Pontoon uses the DEEP RED 660nm Spectra LEDs to meet an important Chlorophyll A absorbtion peak for flowering, therebye increasing flowering sites, often 2 to 1. This Spectra is also essential for a quick re-triggering of the Phytochrome from the Relaxed Nightime State back to the Active Daytime State.

How it Works at Lights Out: The Pfr Pontoon requires NO Addtional Timers or Power Supplies to operate. The Pontoon utilizes built-in control circuitry which senses when the 660nm LEDs turn off, the 730nm LEDs are then powered up for Five Minutes by a built in Lithium-ion battery pack, they gradually dim down, in steps, as they turn off.

The Game Changer: Indoor and Greenhouse Gardeners of Short Day Plants, can take advantgage of the Flower Initiator Effect with it's rapid Phytochrome state swich to ADD up to TWO HOURS to the Lights On period, with a flowering cylcle of 13/11 or even 14/10. Those who prefer a 10/14 flowering period can go to 12/12 with enhanced results.

How it looks under the FAR RED LEDs>

    Broad Spectrum Veg -Flower           Pro-420-Pontoon-Combo Pack        Pfr Pontoon ADD-ON Accessory

Inda-Gro Pro420PAR                     Advanced Hybridizing                  Flower and Fruit Accelerator
 420 Watts                                                                                                     40 Watts



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