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heliospectra Smart LED

 Why heliospectra?

Do you want to grow better crops? Spend less on energy bills? Use more advanced technology?

Founded in 2006, Heliospectra specializes in intelligent lighting technologies for plant research and greenhouse cultivation. The plant scientists and engineers who founded Heliospectra were tired of seeing so much money spent on energy bills from sub-par lighting technology. We thought there had to be a better way to grow high quality crops, spending less money while using more advanced technology.

And now there is…

By replacing traditional HID lights, Heliospectra LED grow lights can significantly reduce energy demand, produce high quality plants, and increase crop yields in commercial indoor and greenhouse operations

We also offer the markets leading LED light systems for plant science applications. These systems contain up to 10 individually controlled wavelengths ranging from 370nm (UVA) to 850nm (IR). The flexibility afforded to scientists by this these system is unmatched.

Today, Heliospectra is one of the foremost innovators within the LED grow light market. We are now building lighting systems and sensors that detect and respond to environmental and biological inputs. These intelligent biofeedback systems will enhance and further automate professional grow operations.

In 2006 we thought there was a way to grow high quality crops, spending less money while using more advanced technology. Today, we are certain there is and that Heliospectra is the company bringing it to you.

Leading European growers use Heliospectra LED grow lights:
"The LX60 delivers what it promises. Overall, it looks very positive. For us it is of course important to constantly reduce our carbon footprint, minimize energy consumption while optimizing the quality of our products. The new LX60 is a part of this work and in the constant ambition"
– Ulf Jonsson, Swedeponic

Top plant scientists around the globe use Heliospectra LED grow lights:
"We have looked over the market and we feel that Heliospectra’s product is perfect for our research project as their system provides a wide variety of lighting options. It is also easy to gather information and to control the lighting system both on site and remotely. We will also work closely with Heliospectra during the course of the research to analyze if we can further develop the system"
– Lucie Poulet, Research Engineer at DLR, German Aerospace Center

“As a researcher we want a flexible light system that features the control to deliver a precise spectra and intensity for accuracy in our research. Having a system like Heliospectra's is incredibly exciting to start working with in our lab.”
– Justin Borevitz, Australian National University’s Research School of Biology.

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