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FAR RED Flower-Initiator Bud Booster

How to: Use these grow lights to form faster flowers with bigger buds, and grow larger fruit?

50wfislimup.jpgUse these low wattage grow lamp just 5 - 15 minutes a day Indoors or lights out. In the Greenhouse and/or Outdoors 30 minutes to 1 hour before and after sunset. It's like having a "26 hour day".

Indoors finish 7 - 14 days sooner when using a 12/12 regime. 3 to 4 weeks earlier outdoors.

50 Watts covers a 4' 3" X 4' 3" area 2' above the canopy, 8' X 8' area at 4' above the canopy, 16' X 16' at 7.5' above the canopy, 25' X 25' at 12 ' above the canopy. 730nm light is very penetrating, right through the vegetation, and coverage increases lower in the plant.


With 12/12 Short Day plants the length of the night controls flowering. the Flower Initiator effectively "adds" 2 hours to the night by switching the phytochrome state rapidly, rather than taking two hours.

Flowering at 13 hours on and 11 hours off, is like 13 on and 13 off, for more urgent flower growth and more total light daily, for bigger yields and higher quality, the best of both worlds.
HPS and induction grow light growers report starting at 12/12 then running at 13.5/10.5 and finishing at 11/13 produce improvements in all factors, quality, yields, etc.

Some growers flower at 12/12 for quite urgent growth, it's like having a 12 hour day and a 14 hour night. You can flower at 13/1113.5/10.5, or 14/10 after buds began to form. One can return to 12/12 when one goes to flush, generally the final three weeks to have a very mature finish.

Outdoor and in the Greenhouse: Run the Flower some before and after sunset, 15 min. to 30 min will suffice, this also reduces the number of times one will need to re-calibrate to sunset. One can start flowers when the night is 10 hours long with a 12/12 short day plant.  Flowering under such long days means instead of growing huge plants you get huge bud clusters.

Advanced experimenters run DEEP BLUE after the Flower-Initiator for a few minutes to one hour will prevent any stretching, If it is of concern,without negative effects on flowering. Some growers report some benefit to running blue all night during bloom, I advise no more than 4 hours.


 Use a Sunset and Sunrise service to determine the length of your night.

Growers say it's a positive "Freak of nature", with "More of everything"! 

 Posted by Stephen Brewer on 16th Jan 2016              

 "No grow room, or greenhouse should be without the Flower Initiator. Me myself could never imagine my life without one. Before this product, it would take anywhere from 10-15 days, to find the sex of my plants, now in only 4-5 days, all plants are indicating so I'm able to remove the males, and give the ladies more room to spread out. After one week of bloom I see buds that look as though they were over 2 weeks old. As far as yields, OMG the extra 1-2 ounces of bud, is really amazing. I have also noticed a Hell of lot more resin , the same frosty hybrids that I have grown before, are so much more frosty, that it looks like it snowed on em. I would highly recommend this product 100% , and think it deserves a much higher rating than 5 stars. Thank you William Boune, and GrowLightSource.com, you're the best!"

Outdoors and in the Greenhouse: In the fall you when the night becomes 10 hours in length you can reduce or eliminate the need for greenhouse curtains, or use it in tandem to manipulate flowering further, or start even sooner. In the southern tear many strains can be flowered in the spring without curtains.

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