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GSTS Examples and Testimonials


Maryland Project

Grant 2017-12-451S1

(MEA) Maryland Energy Administration awarded an LLC a $400,000.00 Grant through their Strategic Energy Investment Program Section 9-20-B-01 et seq. of the State Government Article as a component of its overall mission to reduce energy demand and increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy resources.

This project was for a 30,000-square foot new construction greenhouse with high efficiency lighting and HVAC system exceeding minimum building requirements that will achieve an estimated 1,417,150 annual kWh saved.

  • Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) 1:LED Growing Lights Grow Rooms
  • To Install 538 Liquid Cooled high power LED Grow Lights, Instead of 672 high pressure sodium lights.
  • All LED lights shall be automatically controlled for spectrum/intensity and running schedule based on the plant growing stage. Or growing room
  • Estimated kWh savings of 904,500 kWh per year.
  • ECM 2 HVAC (and HVAC Reheat) for growing rooms.
  • Install 12 Dehumidifiers using chilled water. Unit will have an air to air heat exchanger for cooling recovering. Each dehumidifier will have an economizer.
  • Install twelve (12) 5 HP fans with variable frequency drives
  • Install two (2) 10 HP Pumps with variable frequency drives
  • Implement energy data analysis: monitor and analyze energy consumption by lights and HVAC systems.
  • Estimated KWh savings of 512,650 kWh per year.


(BGE) Baltimore Gas and Energy
BGE was engaged as the power provider for this facility and found that we qualified the customer for a Custom measure incentive for a main system/equipment which is eligible for an incentive up to 75% of the incremental cost with a cap of $0.28/kWh. For control/add-on measure, the incentive is up to 50% of the project cost. For Comprehensive design, there was no cap and incentive is up to 90% of the incremental cost 

We have now solved the "Cost" barrier by providing a financing system that repays through sharing utility savings. Yes it is expensive, but the cost is covered through utility savings.



In regards to our decision to move forward with GS Thermal, it has been a long road of many meetings, tours and analysis of current facilities in operation. Our consultant and head grower has spent an astronomical amount of time analyzing GS Thermal to an array of other LED lights and HPS. It really came down to GS Thermal and Illumitex but at the end of the day, it was not even close on the decision to move forward with GS Thermal because of their design of the light and system in place. Our biggest challenge was obviously the cost but more importantly the PAR value at the lower section. Our consultant has been through almost 50 growing facilities and is working with all of them across the country and we have certainly put him through the ringer in regards to making the right decision here. I can tell you he is more Bullish on GS Thermal now than when we first met him, after doing all these studies.

Our mantra from day 1 has been to: 

  • Be the lowest cost producer
  • Have the best quality product
  • Have the best customer service

In our quest for making a decision on lights, our team as a whole feel that GS Thermal fit that mold on the growing side. We understand they may be a bit more costly upfront but from a return on investment compared to all the others it was bar none.

I just wanted to shed the light on where our decision came from and the amount of time and energy it took to make that decision. The last piece of the puzzle now lies in your hands to be able to go LED.

Again I really appreciate your help here in holding our especially my hand through this process and working with the team as well. I really can’t say enough about your responsiveness and helpfulness. I am hoping I have everything you need here and apologize if I have missed anything.

If we don’t speak have a great weekend and I am sure we will be in touch soon and please let me know if there is something else I need to do to help expedite on our end.


Charlie from Maryland:

Before GS Thermal Solutions renovated our facility we struggled with large electrical bills coming from our HPS lights used in our grow rooms. The Liquid Cooled LEDs have dramatically reduced costs while boosting our gram/watt average.


Bill from Maine

After growing with HPS lights for my entire life, I couldn’t believe the range of options on the GSTS-1000 watt fixture! Having wavelength intensity control at my fingertips was truly a new way to grow – welcome to the future!


Linda from Massachusetts

The GSTS team developed and engineered our entire operation. They optimized our entire facility to take advantage of the energy rebates available from our utility company as well as took advantage of our on site geothermal wells to cool the liquid cooled fixtures. The spectral intensity control, the effectiveness of the LEDs, and the safety features of the fixture made working with GS Thermal Solutions the most profitable decision our management team ever made.


Matt from Colorado

Growing on a commercial scale, there is so many variables with the potential to be overlooked, we have to be prepared for everything. As a cultivator, my goal is to make plants grow healthy, strong, and produce as much product as possible. The GSTS system makes this a reality while taking out many of the potential pitfalls that come with growing with systems that don’t offer the same control and safety features that our team has come to depend on.

Cory from California
The greater Los Angeles area was the birthplace of this [cannabis] movement. Out here as growers, we’ve seen it all, we’ve done it all, we’ve experienced it all. The GSTS-1000 is a new ball game! They have given us so much more to play with! The control system allows a cultivator to make the most of the knowledge he or she has acquired over the years. The system control makes it so easy to take your plants in and out of veg, have them flower sooner, play with different strains and genetics – it’s the whole package.

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