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DEEP RED Bud Booster - 50 Watt LED Flood Lamp Grow Light

  • Aluminum Housing, COB LEDs protected by the lens.
  • 50 Watt COB LED chip set actually uses 43-49 Watts. All Far Red 730nm with a 120 degree beam angle, 90 - 265 VAC,
  • Cooling fins on the entire back side.
  • Compact and Slim Flood Lamp Design, with no fans. 730nm 120 degree beam width.
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Product Description

How to accelerate development, and improve the quality, color, taste, smell and density of flowers, buds and fruits? How to insure a rapid transition in phytochrome in the morning.

Add more DEEP RED Spectrum! This DEEP RED COB LED grow light stimulates Flowering Chlorophyll. Plus, the 660nm wavelength triggers a rapid switch to the Daylight Phytochrome state at "Sun Up", a big plus.

DeepRed Bud Booster, Bright, 120 degree beam angle.

Grow Lights have a tendency to drop off in Spectrum production above 630nm, therefore not exciting the critical Red Chorophyll action spectrum of 660nm.
The DEEP RED Booster COB LED grow light satifies these essential requirements.|

These 50 watt Red Booster COB LED Grow Lights complement Fluorescent, HID, Plasma and Induction Grow Lights.Two lights supplement per each 400 - 1000 watt lamp best, one lamp per is very helpful.

This Grow Light: 50 Watt 
COB LEDs Chip uses 49 Watts, use it Outdoors, Indoor Gardens, in the Greenhouse, it's waterproof!

An 8' X 8' area is covered at a height of 3.5 feet above the canopy. Better intensity over 4.3' X 4.3'  at a height of 2 feet off the canopy.



  • DEEP RED stimulates RED Flowering Chlorophyll for robust flowers and fruit.
  • 660nm wakes plants up at first light for improved development.
  • 2 lights Supplement 400 - 1000 watt grow lights, 1 per is very helpful.
  • Use them Indoors, Outdoors and in the Greenhouse
  • No fan used in these IP65 COB LED Flood Lamps.
  • Sturdy construction, professional design, high quality components.
  • Plug and Play LED grow light!
  • Mounting Bracket included.
    • 660nm DEEP RED LED light.
    • Beam angle - 120 degree for broad spectrum tweaking coverage.
    • An 8' X 8' area is covered at a height of 3.5 feet above the canopy.
    • Input Voltage: 85~240V, cable/plug included.
    • Power: 50 COB LED Chip.
    • 40 Watts of power consumed.
    • Warranty: 2 years

Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty
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