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DEEP Blue Boosters - Accelerate Compact Growth

How to: Accelerate compact growth, make for tighter internodel spacing and greater plant density. Sex out plants from seeds early without going fully into flower. Extend flowering periods further.

DEEP BLUE Booster COB LED grow lights accelerate compact growth when supplementing grow lights or sunlight in the greenhouse and or outdoors.

Brilliant Deep Blue Booster 50 Watt Flood Lamp

Grow lights have a tendency to drop off in light production critical Chorophyll trigger points, Blue 440 - 450nm.

These DEEP BLUE Booster grow lights produce the "just the right colors", 440 - 450nm, to complement Broad Spectrum grow lights, each lamp supplements 400 - 1000 watt lamps.

Alternate Uses:
  1. Run these throughout your lit period to accelerate growth and during flowering to help keep things compact.
  2. At lights out and after a 5 to 15 minute run of The Flower Initiator, run the Deep Blue Booster for 1 - 3 hours during your normal lights out without disturbing the flowering phase, for more development and less stretching.
  3. Run them all through the night or the lights out period during VEG, to add healthy growth with less energy than with primary lighting.
  4. This spectrum of DEEP BLUE light can be run throughout the night or during "lights out" to cause plants to show sex without going fully into flower, they will form Pistils only. 

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