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Inda-Gro and Aquaponics

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Articles by: William Boune
Inda-Gro Light Aquaculture Projects

Inda-Gro EFDL Fresh Water Aquaponics with KOI and Vegetables.

The system on the right is running a traditional 400Watt Metal Halide light with 4 ea., T5's (fluorescent) at 54 watts each for a combined total of 630 watts. Our PRO-PAR system on the left is using a single 200 watt fixture on the top for wider area coverage and then 3 ea. 100 watt fixtures on each of the manifolds for a combined total wattage of 500 watts.

On first glance, one can see that the new Inda-Gro Pro PAR System is Visibly brighter. As the days progress the vegetation on the left grows faster and healthier.

You'll notice the new PRO-PAR design provides a radius on the hood which blends to match that of the manifold and since these lights can easily be adjusted towards the center of the Aquaponic system the client does not get hit with the glare from the lamp but instead the eye's attention is focused on the plants.

Another benefit you can see when using our lamps here is the high lux (166.5 vel/w) intensity from such a low wattage, low heat, broad spectrum, long life, compact fixture. The Inda-Gro fixture allows the client to position the lights strategically over the plants thereby eliminating the vertical T5 lamps in the middle. This also has the benefit of making the entire structure less cluttered to the eye. Now the focus is on the plants and the geometry of the piping as it reaches up to the ceiling. Without the use of vertical lamps we also eliminate stretching as the plants would tend to reach inwards towards the T5 lamps.

As you may already be aware the advantage of having the Koi, they supplement added nitrogen to the water, which the plants thrive on.

We did notice that the Koi were a bit puzzled the first day we installed the lights since the water was so much better lit then what they were used to. However by day two they were congregating under our lights, an added benefit, as the Koi colors were much more dramatic on the Inda-Gro Light Pro PAR System side of the pond.

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