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How to accomplished a Hybrid Solution by Two Different Means.

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Start with dependable bulk lighting, Inda-Gro Maginetic Induction EFDL grow lights or Commercial Quality HID grow lights, one can increase growth with Blue Boosters, add the Flower Initiator Effect for rapid flower starts and finished fruit acceleration and the RED Booster Effect (more flower sites, denser, more flavorful fruits and flowers).

Get Flowers like never before with Hybrid grow lights.With HID grow lights add the Flower Initiator and a RED Booster and flower like never before.

Inda-Gro Pro420PAR Series Grow Lights:With the Inda-Gro ProPAR Induction Lamp as the primary bulk lighting; either add the Pfr Pontoon (Buy the Combo) or add The Flower Initiator and Red Booster combination to take your results and energy savings to the next performance level.

Inda-Gro Magnetic Induction or EFDL Grow Lights, the state of art stand-alone Workhorse grow light of choice, in the Greenhouse, and for Indoor Gardening. Inda-Gro's custom phosphor blend provides a broad spectrum with specific active trigger points to insure optimum health and repeatable crop yields, coupled to substantial savings on energy and bulb replacements, for over 70,000 hours.


The Flower Initiator: Indoor/Greenhouse Grow Lights.We have a new offering that will make your plants very happy! For your convenience the Pro420PAR lamp and the Pfr Pontoon Add-On Option combined for your ease of purchase. The Pfr Ponton combines The RED Booster and Flower Initiator Effects into one, easy to use, Hybridizing Grow Light Accessory that takes your Inda-Gro Pro Series lamp production to the next level Indoors and in the Greenhouse.

The Far RED Flower Initiator elicits specific plant responses to specific light spectra. The Flower Initator, is a Phytochrome Trigger, for Rapid Flower starts  and Fruit acceleration. Indoors and in the Greenhouse the Flower Initiator also allows the Daylit period to be increased from 12 to 14 hours with 12/12 short day plants.

You will use the Flower Initiator during the entire Flower/Fruit Phase for five minutes after lights out or at sunset. It causes the Phytochrome to switch from the Active dtate to the Resting in five minutes rather than 2 hours, required in nature. 

RED Booster:

The DEEP RED end of the Action Spectrum produces the greatest photosynthetic response, the most bang for the buck.  This RED Booster is a very powerful supplement that produces a powerful growth response with many specie.

Used in combination with Inda-Gro or HID lighting and the Flower Initiator, Indoors and in the Greenhouse, produces enhanced flower sites, density, coloration, nose, fruit yields, quanitity and quality.

This DEEP RED spectra causes the Phytochrome to switch from the Relaxed Nighttime state to the Active Daytime state in moments, making plant growth spring into action. 

We have done our homework and have selected grow lights that are efficient and energy saving, while providing high quality repeatable crops, Indoors and in the Greenhouse. 

Hybrid combinations outcompete HIDMHHPS and Fluorescent Grow Lamps in both short and long term reliability and cost efficiency.

When considering Grow Lights options for your special project, choose quality of spectral output, intensity, useful life, warranties, customer service and reliability.  You should think twice about grow lights for plants that are cheap or those not "name brand" products. You should not expect the best results, reliability and appropriate spectrum with grow lights from Home DepotWall MartLowes, or grow lights for sale on CraigslistEbay, or Amazon.

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