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Where we are and how we got here! What we learned!

Open Minds, Open Doors!

Since 2003 lines to supply the optimum products for hydroponics, indoor, greenhouse and now outdoor plant grow lighting projects have been developing.  Supplying efficient and productive alternatives to HID (High Intensity Discharge lamps) specifically HPS High Pressure Sodium and MH Metal Halide Grow Lights, Fluorescent Tubes (T-5, T-8's) and CFL Lamps. 

Initial Efforts were focused on LED Grow Lamps, but it was soon recognized, while they worked well enough for the Growth phase, but proved generally insufficient for the Fruit and Flower phase.  Much work has been done on arriving at the best spectrum mix with the most reliable lamps to get the job done, the LED products offered here are amongst the best available at this time, some growers will be satisfied as stand alone lighting, most will use them as supplemental lighting based upon individual expectations.

Time and Fortune have been invested in developing new LED lights that are used to tweak the color spectrum to achieve improved results during grow and flowering phases and to be used earlier to identify sexes of plants, to bring on accelerated and early finished crops, indoors, in the Greenhouse and now Outdoors. 

During the Process We did market Plasma Lighting PLS by LG.  PLS is great for Growth, but required RED boosting to get acceptable fruit and flowering results.  These lights are truly superior for commercial lighting of large spaces, but are not really cost effedtive, and the spinning magnetrons have a limited lifespan in all plasma lighting.

Recent Years provided early opportunities to offer the most promising of all Indoor Horticulture Grow Light products, Induction Grow Lighting, With induction lighting I worked through a very brief period in which I marketed some fully Chinese made lights that failed on a regular basis, I made sure the warranty repairs were made and disengaged, with great haste, from selling those manufacturers.  This is not to say that all  Chinese manufactured grow lighting is inferior or unreliable, they dominate the LED Grow Light market, it is primarily in the realm of Induction Grow Lighting in which I have found huge differences in reliability .

Informed by those initial problem laden Induction grow light manufacture experiences, the only brand I will now sell are Inda-GRO EFDL Induction Grow Lights.  Inda-GRO works great from Clone to Grow, through fully finished Flowers, Indoors and in the Greenhouse, with less energy used by the current industry standards, with quaity results.  New Options have made them more effective in specific environments, in the Greenhouse with the Automatic Day-Lighting Option, Indoors in sealed rooms and cabinets, the Remote Power Supply Option (only here). 

Moving Forward; Hybrid lighting systems may include the newest LED lighting (Broad spectrum, RED and BLUE Boosters, and the Flower Initiator), used along with Induction, Plasma, Fluorescent, CFL and HID light sources.   The way forward, where I already am, will be more Open Minded about how to achieve optimal results.

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